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Suggest a New School
Suggest a new school to be added to the facebook network. If you provide us with your email address, we will notify you when the school is added.
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Please review our FAQ carefully before emailing a question. Also, whenever possible, please write from your school email account to assist us in facilitating your request.

Information/Support: info@thefacebook.com
Suggestions/Requests: suggest@thefacebook.com
Business Development: business@thefacebook.com
Press Inquiries: press@thefacebook.com
Facebook Announcements: announce@thefacebook.com
Advertising: [ Advertising Contacts ]
(Please do not use this page regarding text announcements. Instead, contact announce@thefacebook.com.)
Security: security@thefacebook.com
(Please do not write to this account regarding security issues with individual accounts. Instead, contact info@thefacebook.com.)


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